Mongolian tench: All about the medicinal fish

Also known as the golden tench, the Mongolian tench is a very important freshwater fish to have in your pond. In fact, it’s also known as the “doctor fish” because it prevents other fish from getting sick thanks to an antibiotic present on its skin, although this is obviously a fable. Nevertheless, they help the other fish and keep the water cleaner. We tell you all about this wonderful fish.

All the characteristics of Mongolian tench

What do they look like?

This fish can reach up to 65 cm in length and weigh up to 4.5 kg. It has a single color, orange with golden highlights. Occasionally, however, it has small dark or even black spots on its flank and back. Its fins are also orange, but can also be silver.

The origins of Mongolian tench

It’s a fish from Europe and Asia. It is found in almost every country on both continents. In France, for example, it can be found in the Rhône river.

Its natural habitat

The Mongolian tench lives in slow-moving or stagnant water. It lives mainly at the bottom of the water, where it feeds. It sometimes disappears for long periods of time, sometimes for more than a year. In fact, this shy fish likes to keep a low profile and remain at the bottom of the water to live a quiet life.

His lifestyle

This calm fish lives in groups of at least 5 individuals. Like the Koi carp, it is an omnivore , eating seeds, plants, algae, crustaceans and insects, which it finds mainly at the bottom of the water. To reproduce, the doctor fish is oviparous, depositing its eggs in vegetation. They can live up to 15 to 20 years.

How do you raise a Mongolian tench?

How much does a Mongolian tench cost?

As with many fish, price depends mainly on size. A golden tench of around 10 cm costs around €15 to €20. For larger fish approaching 35 to 40 cm, the price of Mongolian tench can be close to €100.

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Basin and water type

Number of fish

A minimum of 5 per basin is recommended.

Basin volume

For 5 fish, a minimum 1000-liter tank is required.


Water temperature should be between 4°C and 24°C.

Water PH

Water acidity should be between 6 and 8.

What do Mongolian tench eat?

The doctor fish is omnivorous , feeding mainly on what it finds on the bottom. They feed on seeds, plants, algae, insects and small invertebrates. They will also rise to the surface if you feed them dry foods such as pellets, which are perfectly suited to them. These fish need a high-quality diet , as their mineral and vitamin requirements may be higher than those of other fish.

How does it live with other fish species?

It is a calm fish that can live without worry with other species, provided there are enough of them. It can also associate perfectly with Koi carp. In fact, golden tench eat their excrement.

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