Coris: All you need to know about this saltwater fish

The Coris, also known as the Girelle, is a fish belonging to the Labridae family. There are many different species and they are known for their many colors. We tell you all you need to know about the Coris and how to breed it in an aquarium.

All the Coris features

What does a Coris look like?

There are many different species of Cranesbill , each with their own specific characteristics. Nevertheless, they all have a lot in common. They are all very colorful, generally between 25 and 50 cm long, but some can reach a maximum of 120 cm, and most have a successive protogynous hermaphroditism , which means they change sex as they grow.

The origins of Girelles

These fish live mainly in tropical waters , but some species can also be found in temperate waters. They can be found mainly in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, but also occasionally in the Red and Mediterranean Seas.

Its natural habitat

As we said, they live in tropical and temperate waters. They live close to coral reefs, rocks and seagrass beds at depths of up to 60 meters. This allows them to feed easily and hide if they feel unsafe.

His lifestyle

The adult Coris is a fairly solitary fish, living alone or in pairs. However, the youngest live in small groups until they reach around 15 cm. They are carnivorous and benthic, feeding on small aquatic organisms such as plankton, but also on worms, shrimps, sea urchins, amphipods and isopods.

How to raise a Coris in an aquarium?

Depending on the species, not all Coris can thrive in an aquarium, so we recommend and ask you to find out before you buy one, to make sure it will be able to live properly in one.

How much does a Coris cost?

As a general rule, the price of Girelles averages between €40 and €300. Prices fluctuate according to several criteria, depending on variety, size, age and provenance.

Aquarium and water type

What do waxwings eat?

As with the Notropis chrosomus, the Coris feeds ondry fish food such as chaff or pellets, but also on fresh and frozen food that it might find in its natural habitat. We advise you not to feed him the same thing all the time, to diversify his nutritional intake and limit deficiencies.

How does it live with other fish species?

As they are very solitary and peaceful fish, they can easily cohabit with other fish, provided the aquarium is large enough and there are no animals in their diet such as crustaceans.

A few recommendations

As we said earlier, the Coris feeds on crustaceans and mollusks that can be found in an aquarium. It’s logically impossible to have them living together , as your fish will eat them.

Also, a large proportion of them use sand to hide when they feel in danger or simply to sleep, so you need to add a layer of sand of around 5 cm to your aquarium.

You also need to be aware that wrens are jumpers, so you’ll need to have a covered aquarium or take precautions to prevent them from jumping out.

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