Ecsenius Midas: All about this beautiful orange fish

Native to the Persian Gulf, the Ecsenius Midas, also known as the Persian blennie, is a species of Escenius easily recognized among the forty or so existing blennies. It’s a beautiful saltwater fish to have in your reef aquarium. Find out all there is to know about this fish.

All the features of Ecsenius Midas

What does an Ecsenius Midas look like?

This fish has an elongated body that can reach 13 cm in adult size. It is quickly recognized by its distinctive yellow-orange color. It also has a very fine caudal fin of the same color as its body. Even if its color helps us to recognize it, in some cases it can also have a color close to brown.

The origins of Persian blennies

The Persian blenny comes mainly from an Indo-Pacific area towards the Gulf of Aquaba and southeast Africa. It usually stays close to the coast, where it can easily hide if it feels unsafe.

Its natural habitat

Ecsenius are accustomed to living in benthic zones, but Midas prefers to move closer to the surface, living at depths of around 30 meters and in several reef domains. It also takes refuge in the empty sheaths of mollusks, worms and other organisms. In fact, it’s very shy, so it uses them in case of danger, but its curiosity makes it quickly emerge from its hiding place.

His lifestyle

TheEscenius Midas is a rather solitary fish, living mostly alone or in pairs. It is an omnivore with carnivorous tendencies, so it eats everything but mainly small crustaceans such as daphnia, mysis and artemia.

How to raise the Ecsenius Midas in an aquarium?

How much does an Ecsenius Midas cost?

The Persian blenny is a very popular fish in theaquarium world, so it’s very easy to find them in stores or on specialist websites. Prices for Ecsenius Midas start at €20.

Aquarium and water type

What do Ecsenius Midas feed on?

This is an omnivorous fish with carnivorous tendencies, so it’s not very complicated to feed. You can feed them small live or frozen crustaceans , or simply dry foods such as chaff or pellets. These fish are very greedy and don’t ask many questions about food.

How does it live with other fish species?

Ecsenius Midas are active, inquisitive fish that generally live quite well with other fish species and invertebrates. Nevertheless, males can be aggressive with other fish of the same species. It’s important to have plenty of decorative elements with caves and cavities to enable them to keep a low profile when needed.

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