Serran kingfish: All about this colourful fish

Native to the Caribbean, the kingfish is a seawater fish. The characteristics of the kingfish are easily recognizable thanks to its two very bright colors. We’ve done a great deal of research to provide you with as much information as possible on how to raise it in an aquarium.

All the characteristics of serran royal

What does a royal serran look like?

This fish is highly recognizable thanks to its two very distinctive colors : purple and yellow. In fact, the front of its body is purple and halfway down, it turns yellow. In the middle of its body, the two colors join to create a gradient. This rather small fish measures around 8 cm and has a black line across its eye. Its pelvic fins are pointed and long.

The origins of the serran royal

This fish is native to the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, so it can be found in the Greater and Lesser Antilles, northern South America and Central America. It can also be found in Florida, but it’s not certain that this is due to a natural extension of the species in this area.

Its natural habitat

These fish live in the Caribbean, staying at the bottom of shallow waters near rocks, up to 40 meters deep, so they can hide easily if they feel the need. Indeed, these fish are very shy, so they never take the risk of straying far from their hiding places. They often swim upside down, with their bellies turned towards the rocks.

His lifestyle

The kingfish is a carnivorous fish that lives mainly alone, but can also live with a group while keeping plenty of room to itself. It feeds on benthic or planktonic crustaceans and small invertebrates. Breeding takes place between February and June. The male prepares a nest in the rock in a quiet spot, and the female lays her eggs. After around ten days, the eggs hatch and the larvae measure only 3 to 4 mm. Until they reach around 3 cm, the fish are not sexually differentiated.

How to raise a kingfish in an aquarium?

How much does a serran royal cost?

These fish are fairly common, so their price is quite reasonable. In fact, you can find them starting at around 30 euros for 2 to 4 cm fish.

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Aquarium and water type

Number of fish

Single for a small aquarium and multiple for an aquarium of at least 800 liters.

Aquarium volume

For a kingfish, an aquarium of 150 to 200 liters is sufficient.


Water temperature should be between 24°C and 28°C.

Water PH

Aquarium water PH should be between 8 and 8.3.

What do kingfish eat?

This carnivorous fish feeds on crustaceans and small invertebrates. It can easily feed on frozen, live or dry foods such as chaff and pellets. It can also occasionally feed on parasites present on other fish by cleaning them.

How does it live with other fish species?

The Coris is a calm and very timid fish, so it is advisable to keep it with other calm fish, even if this is not a requirement. These fish are also very aggressive between members of the same species, so don’t put several of them in a small aquarium. If you want more than one, you’ll need a large aquarium with plenty of places for them to hide.

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