Sarcophyton: everything you need to know about these soft corals

Sarcophyton coraux mous

Sarcophyton, often called sarco, is the star of the soft corals, also known as leather corals. This type of coral belongs to the Octocorallia family and is made up of several species of soft coral. After many hours of analysis, we tell you all about it. All the characteristics of Sarcophyton What does Sarcophyton look … Read more

Hygrophila Rosae: All about this aquarium plant

Plante Hygrophila Rosae

Hygrophila Rosae is a very popular aquarium plant for aquaristic beginners, thanks to its ease of maintenance. If you haven’t heard of it yet, we’ve done a lot of research to give you all the information you need on this plant. What does a Hygrophila Rosae look like? This Asian plant, which reaches a maximum … Read more

Euphyllia: All about these beautiful hard corals

Coraux durs Euphyllia

Euphyllia hard corals hammer corals torch corals Euphyllia is a species often referred to as and . They have a distinctive appearance that makes them easy to spot. There are several species, each with its own characteristics. Find out all there is to know about the. All the features of Euphyllia What does Euphyllia look … Read more